Jump on the 08′ Bandwagon

Well, in a ridiculously early 2008 season preview, foxsports.com has predicted the Seahawks to defend their crown and win their fifth consecutive NFC West divisional crown. I agree absolutely. Not so much because I am certain that the Seahawks will fix every weakness, but because the rest of the division remains feeble.

AZ is going to have their hands tied because Denny Green gave his former ball boy turned big time, Larry Fitzgerald, the most absurd contract ever. Also, no way they get that kind of year from Warner again and I believe Lienart will be a bust.

In SF, Mike Nolan is in trouble and Mike Martz’s head is going to explode watching DJack drop balls every Sunday. Plus, they lost their only pass rusher to retirement.

ST. Louis could be the real competitor. Everything went wrong last year, if everything goes right this year, and somehow that happens to a couple teams every year, they have the skill players to make it a race. They better get some youth at WR though (haven’t we been saying that for years).END-OF-POST