Interesting Sidenote

Check out John Czarnecki’s article 10 buring questions this offseason. In the article, you may notice that he mentions that Paul Allen sided with Tim Ruskell in not offering Holmgren a contract extension.

Now Holmgren has lead us all to believe that he wanted to step down. I tend to believe him too because his mentor Bill Walsh is often cited as saying no coach should be with a team more than 9 years. This could be just another manifestation of this perceived rift between Holmgren and Ruskell because of Holmgrens stripped powers. Personally, I think that the national media really wants their to be this sort of inner power struggle. It makes the Seahawks more interesting to them. What I see, granted it is from the outside looking in, is that Ruskell appreciates and respects Holmgren I also think Holmgren trusts and respects Ruskell. Does he secretly think he could do a better job? Probably. But that is his enormous, walrus sized ego. The same one that has helped turn him from a high school teacher to a HOF NFL coach.