Good Interviews Today on KJR

Softy was on the ball today. He had two good interviewee’s today.

First is ROB RANG– Rob seems to think that Mike Hart and Rice Rice would be targets of the Hawks in the third round. He believes there is a good possibility that we will take a TE in the first. He says Fred Davis is the only elite TE in this draft. This all supports the research broken out this morning.

Second is John Clayton- Part 1 is here – here is Part 2.

John talks coaching staffs and Jim Zorn in the first part. He mentions that the Skins let Byner out of his contract, thus clearing the way for Stump.

Listen to the second half. John talks Pro Bowl and Randy Moss in the beginning, but later states that Shaun Alexander will not be cut until we feel comfortable with the replacement. He also says the Hawks will take Fred Davis in the first round. This is the only way to get an impact TE. He says that you take the TE first. This further proves my earlier conclusions were not a pile of shit. It is almost like I see the future (or am incredibly lucky). By the way, Clayton thinks Mike Hart is perfect for this offense as well.