Bucs to Join Crumpler Fray

Here is the article from Pewter Report.com, it says the Bucs will be interested in Crumpler and Coleman. Not too big of a surprise, this has been speculated. The funny thing is, and this is kind of what the Carolina GM was saying, it appears Crumpler and Coleman haven’t officially been released yet.

I also heard on NFL Radio on Sirius, that Crumpler is expected to spend a month or so getting in top physical condition before making the rounds. Translation: If you see my flab right now, there is no way you will show me the money.

UPDATE–(10:09am) This blog post by the Tampa beat writer suggests that the Colts are showing interest in Crumpler. Could this mean freedom for Dallas Clark? I think all Hawks fans would take Clark over Crumpler, despite the difference in cost. END-OF-POST