Best Guess on Seahawks Inactives

by: Michael Steffes

Here is what I expect the Seahawks inactive list to look like tomorrow:

WR Deion Branch
WR Bobby Engram
T Sean Locklear
K Brandon Coutu
RB Justin Forsett
DE Jason Babin (only because Atkins versatility helps his cause with Rocky out)
G Mansfield Wrotto
QB Charlie Frye (3rd QB)

Wrotto sits because Vallos snaps and backs up at guard as well. Porkchop also adds insurance all the line positions. Normally the team would probably have another defender inactive, but with Seattle limited by the two suspensions, then need almost all of the defensive players active.

Forsett is just a gut feeling. I get the feeling that Nate will be returning the punts tomorrow. He is really the only guy Holmgren can trust. It could be Wallace too, but that would be a long shot. Either way, I am not sure they trust Justin enough yet. Plus, Buffalo is an easy place for a rookie in his first game to get rattled. There is also less room for error on the road, so maybe he gets a shot next week.

Check em out tomorrow morning and we will have a better idea what might happen. ~END~