All Signs Point to Alge

There is no official word yet, but i am willing to go out on a limb and say Alge Crumpler will be a Seattle Seahawk. I have no inside info, but i am just putting the pieces together.

-His agent was on with Freddy Coleman this morning and said it looked as if it would get done.
-John Clayton said that he felt Crumpler would end up here, it was just a matter of him realizing that there is no mega deal out there. Seattle is the favorite.
-Now Chris Mortensen says the deal is close, despite his ridiculous facial hair. Who does he think he is, Lovie Smith?
-Also, Ruskell cut Ashworth for a reason. While it was inevitable, he cut him because he planned to use the money. There is a handshake deal in place.

For analysis…….

You can’t blame Alge or his agent. Originally there was north of seven teams interested. When you get that type of reaction you have to play for a bidding war. It just hasn’t happened. Probably because all parties involved realize it is really a two year proposition. At least for solid production. Any team would be smart to pick a tight end behind him, or have one like Joe Newton developing. He doesn’t seem to be making that final visit, so I am going to assume he and his family are weighing the pros and cons, but all signs point to him coming back to Kirkland and putting pen to paper. Hawk fans will just hold their collective breath the first time he gets nicked up.

I expect the deal will look something like 4 yrs 14 million, which will work more like 3 years 10 million. They will give him 4 or 5 in a signing bonus and keep the cap hit at around 2 million, which is what they shaved off by cutting Ashworth

Next move… Lets make it work with Hackett. One year deal and another shot at the big money has to be appealing. Clearly his best shot at putting up superstar numbers next year is in Seattle.