2009 Tuesdays – When will we draft?

by: Chris Sullivan

I thought that, since it’s all we have to look forward to at this point, we should take a look at where the Hawks will most likely end up drafting. To do this, I looked at the seven worst teams in the league and their current win-loss records. Then I looked at who each team has left to play and took some guesses at which games the team might win. This is, for the most part, very easy–these teams already suck, they’ve proven that. I assumed there would be no upsets and took guesses based on what I’ve seen of the teams this season.

This is what I came up with:

TEAM W L Pct Remaining Proj. W Proj. L Proj Pct
Detroit Lions 0 12 0.000 MIN, IND, NO, GB 0 16 0.000
Kansas City Chiefs 2 10 0.167 DEN, SD, MIA, CIN 2 14 0.125
St Louis Rams 2 10 0.167 ARI, SEA, SF, ATL 2 14 0.125
Seattle Seahawks 2 10 0.167 NE, STL, NYJ, ARI 3 13 0.188
Cincinatti Bengals 1 10 0.125 IND, WAS, CLE, KC 3 12 0.200
Oakland Raiders 3 9 0.250 SD, NE, HOU, TB 4 12 0.250
San Francisco 49ers 4 8 0.333 NYJ, MIA, STL, WAS 5 11 0.313

And, hey, while we’re at it, how about a quick Mock Draft? Check it:

Pick Team Love
1 Detroit Lions Sam Bradford
2 Kansas City Chiefs Matthew Stafford
3 St Louis Rams Eugene Monroe
4 Seattle Seahawks Michael Oher
5 Cincinatti Bengals Malcolm Jenkins
6 Oakland Raiders Rey Maualuga
7 San Fransisco 49ers Michael Crabtree

I think right now the favorite draft picks of the Addicts are 1) Michael Oher, 2) Michael Crabtree, and 3) Trade down to middle-first and grab Alex Mack. If Taylor Mays declares he should be the first safety gone, which could be another area we’re targeting. I think we let Mack go and give Spencer another year, but who knows? In large part, it depends on who is picking before us; I think both Detroit and KC almost have to grab a QB if they can’t get anyone solid in Free Agency. Look for both teams to go after Matt Cassel hard, regardless of whether or not he’s just proving that Belicheck has a good system.

Obviously, this is all incredibly speculative, but hey, that’s what makes Tuesdays fun around here. Go ahead, give us your sucky team mock draft’s top seven, and feel free to change the order if you think I’m an idiot. ~END~